Tucked in behind Range Island at the head of Port Harvey, BC

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

We will be open again in 2018

Things are starting to shape up for 01st July 2018, Capt'n Charlie will be here ready to entertain everyone with songs off his CD's and rumor is there may be a dock dance one night, scary if you have ever seen me dance. Connie and Coyln off of M/V Sea Jay are running the the Ho-Shoe tourny for the tenth year running and Capt'n Charlie and his wife Diane are the defending champs and looking to repeat.  Morning of the 01st we are doing a free breakfast of sausages, eggs, pancakes for all guests at the dock and a free supper the night of the 01st, last year it was baby back ribs with fresh corn on the cob and desert. This year will be as equally good. and then of course our fireworks that seem to get bigger each year (40 minutes last year). Visitors anchored in the bay and not at the docks can purchase a ticket to participate in all the activities including meals. We look forward to seeing everybody come and have a great time.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


VERY IMPORTANT, If Port Harvey Marine Resort is going to be able to operate after this year due to the industrial activity in the bay that most of you have seen expand  unabated with the local and provincial government doing nothing to stop it or even consider how important this bay is to the boating community. They fail to acknowledge the financial impact on the North Island the boaters bring to the area year after year. After admitting the years of unauthorized commercial operations it now appears the local and provincial government are going to reward him for his actions. The provincial government has issued a foreshore lease and now the local government RDMW are having a public hearing on 18th July, 2017 in Port McNeil after which will be the third reading and he will be rezoned to operate and further disrupt the bay. I have attached two pictures from our dock of where he will be building a marine railway to take up to 300 foot barges out of the water to hydo blast the barges creating many environmental concerns and the noise will be horrendous. The plan is one barge per week and will be moved at all hours of the day or night. The noise is already getting bad even though nothing is suppose to be done until the zoning is complete.  If you are able to attend the public meeting to voice your concerns it would be greatly appreciated as even non canadians are allowed to speak. If you cannot attend we ask emails be sent to hsoltau@rdmw.bc.ca, drushton@rdmw.bc.ca, jlong@rdmw.bc.ca and if you could copy us at cambridge@xplornet.com.  The RDMW has not taken into account the impact on our business or our home even though bylaw 890 states this must be done and only complimenting activities are allowed. They are also treating this application different from others in this area. Unfortunately if this rezoning is allowed to proceed we will have to shut down and move most likely outside of the RDMW, this will be hard as this is the only home and property we have so we ask all boaters to see if we can save this anchorage. Let them know what you spend in the area and how you support the local communities. Thank you  ,lets hope, if anyone knows a good lawyer on Vancover Island or are a lawyer please contact us

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Come celebrate Canada's 150 birthday on July 1, 2017.  Many activities are being planned.  Pancake breakfast, PHYC AGM, Annual Ho-Shoe tournament, Capt'n Charlie will be entertaining, Dinner provided by George and Gail, Fireworks display.  Reservations are recommended.