Tucked in behind Range Island at the head of the bay of Port Harvey, BC. Year round moorage, other amenities are seasonal

Friday, May 30, 2008

May 20 to May 30, 2008

It has been a very busy week on the bay. On Wednesday Gail and I along with our daughter Melissa and husband Darren travelled by our 19 ft bayliner (ski boat-open bow) up the west side of Cracroft Island via Johnstone Strait to Telegraph Cove, Port McNeil and Alert Bay. It was a little bumpy at first but by the time we arrived in Telegraph Cove the water calmed out and the sun came out. What a beautiful place with a boardwalk around the marina and antique buildings. After a coffee from a very nice coffee house, we proceeded to Port McNeil. There we had lunch at McNeil's which was very good. We strolled around Port McNeil for awhile and then travelled to Alert Bay on Cormorant Island. This is a Native Village with a very nice cultural centre. The video in the Cultural Center is a must see. It explains the potlatch and the masks used during the potlatch. Oprah Winfrey visited this island last year. On the way home we boated up Baronet Passage and Clio Channel to Lagoon Cove, we got fuel there and chatted with the caretakers of this lovely Marina. On through the Blow Hole and down Chatham Channel. Almost home now. Through Havannah Channel and then we are home. What a lovely day we had.

Saturday was another successful work day where Gail, myself, Melissa, Darren and Ryan went up the old logging road to put a hose in the creek. Quite a hike but well worth it. A never ending supply of fresh water! Thank goodness for the bobcat to clear the way. It was interesting to see the old culverts made of cedar. Next fall we will have to find the old camp that is back there. Fall and winter are a better time of year to explore the bush as the undergrowth is gone and the bears are sleeping.

Work on the walkway for the new dock is progressing. We are now on the rocks at the point and can walk right onto the grass on the point. The barge has been completely gutted to get ready for the new store. Windows will be going in and preparation has started for framing the inside. What a job!!. Our thanks to Darren and Melissa for doing such a good job. Very dirty work to say the least. All the mess is cleaned up now thanks to our nephew Ryan.

He DID manage to get the bobcat stuck on the beach however. WHAT excitement that caused. Racing around the bay the find the captain of the Sea Roamer so they could come an pull out the bobcat with their crane. Tide is coming in, tide is coming in, hurry race around the bay to find the captain. Finally the captain is found and the bobcat getting pulled out of the mucky soup . Buried up to the door! Luckily nothing got wet in the motor and the air cleaner was dry. Could have been a very expensive repair job.

Sunday I saw a black bear put a run on the small grizzly that is across from us in the estuary. What a sight to see - the grizzly running and panting through the water with momma black bear on his heels. Not time to stop and rest, she keeps coming. Wednesday the Grizzly is back. I hope it stays across on the estuary and not decide to come over here.

On Friday morning Gail saw the grizzly come across the water in the estuary to this side of the island. We do not know if it was coming this way or decided to go up to the creek. Lets hope the latter.

The very high tide is coming soon so the barge will be moved to its permanent location and work can begin on preparing the dock for moorage and the store for supplies.


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