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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August 03-06, 2008

A few things have been happening in the last couple of days.
The new dock sections are being completed and Christine is busy working on the walkway railings. She has done most of these railings by herself. Here is her and Kelly cutting wood for the walkways.

We saw our first Lion's Mane Jellyfish the other day. These are quite huge with tentacles up to 6o ft long. DO NOT TOUCH, as their sting is deadly.

Christine and I will be leaving on Friday to go back to Alberta to help Melissa move and for Christine's operation. George and the boys will have to fend for themselves for awhile! It should be interesting!

Breakfast is always interesting for the kids. One day it is "heart stopper"buns and the next day it can be pancakes. Today George made a creation of pancakes, ham and eggs all in one. Puts meat on the bones!!

Have not seen any more bears. We think they have moved on. The hummingbirds are still around for awhile, but most of the robins are gone. Soon we will be getting the birds from the north as alot of birds winter here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gail& George,
You two have sure been busy, Your Marina looks real good,Hope one day we will get a chance to come and visit you guys there,We just arrived today here in Angola, I am here for about a month and Alec will probally be here longer...
I haven't had chance to read up on everything you had there but I am sure I will get lots of time to later .....I really like how you got it all done, we just glanced through it there tonight...pictures are real nice...
What happen to Cristine? What kind of opperation did she have ? Hope it wasn't serious.... How is your mom ?
Take care ,
Alec & Kellie