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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb 04-07, 2009

Well- the truck is done and the tests are over. We can go home now as everything is good. Can't wait to see everything. Two months is too long to be gone from home. Besides, I have to take the Christmas tree down. We are anxious to see if the primroses are starting to bloom. The daffodils will be budding out and the tulips will be poking out of the ground. We are also quite curious to see how everything survived during December as the weather was not nice. Doug had mentioned that there was about a foot of snow at one time and it got as cold as minus 8.

It will be interesting to see what the spring has to offer, especially since there are no cows to contend with. What scavengers these funny looking creatures were. Scottish Highlanders tend to eat everything in site, even rope. We are quite curious to see what else the land has to offer now that it is not being eaten down to the ground.

We will miss all our family and friends but know that we have lots of exciting things happening in the spring. Darren and Melissa will be home shortly - by the end of the week, and lots will be done. Shelves and tables were picked up at Ikea along with a commercial convention oven. How everyone will enjoy the home baked bread. Yum.

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manrandy said...

What agreat place to live. Very few people get the chance or would be willing to take on a such an endevour. I have lived close to Puget Sound all my life in the state of Washington. Presently I live a small town at the north end of Hood Canal. Love your blog. manrandy