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Friday, February 26, 2010

Jan 26-Feb 26, 2010

The month has gone by fast. George is back from his check up and has been busy working on the addition to the barge. Just yesterday, all the walls were finally up on the upstairs and the door to nowhere is now to somewhere.

Downstairs will be a washroom, shower and laundry. I helped raise the walls, which I did not like because I do not like heights. It was done none the less.
We had the highest tide we had ever seen on Jan 30. Note the firepit. Now I know why there is flotsam on the flower beds.

Our nephew Ryan and his daughter Haley were here for a few days at the beginning of February. Ryan was here two years ago (remember the bobcat in the water!) and Haley was here three years ago. She is four years old now and will be in Kindergarten in the fall. Her birthday is in December so she can go a year early. Ryan was surprised at the changes. I hope they come back this summer.
The day Ryan and Haley left, I also went to Campbell River. Our daughter Christine was arriving in Comox the next morning. She was here for a week and was also surprised at the changes. She had helped renovate the barge to what it is now. She is also the one responsible for building the walkway on shore. She will be here for the summer and we are looking forward to her help. She is quite excited.
I am hoping to go back to Alberta for a week in March to see our Signe, Melissa and Darren. She has grown so much and is now 3 months old. It will be nice to have them here for awhile this summer.
Spring was here briefly for week and luckily it was while Christine was here. It rained while Ryan was here but it did not stop Haley from being outside. We even went down the logging road to the gravel pit at the top of the hill. We pulled the trailer with the lawn tractor (wanna be quad) and Ryan, Haley and I rode on the trailer. We went to get wood. Bear even liked to ride the trailer as she is getting old and she gets tired. It is a long, long way up the road. Haley figures that Bear does not have enough toys.
Christine went kayaking and was quite disturbed that 5 seals decided to follow her. She did not like that at all!! Her and I also went on the mail run and quite enjoyed ourselves. Christine was able to take some wonderful pictures.
The flowers do not know what time of year it is. The snow drops are blooming as well as the primroses (about a month early). The tulips, daffodils and grape hyacinths are in bud and some are blooming. Even the peonies are sprouting out of the ground. We still expect a cold spell so I hope they do not die. I have been told that it has been an unusally warm winter, but wet and windy.
March is two days away. As they say beware of the ides of March. We will see what it brings.

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rededdie said...

Your place looks absolutely lovely!!
I think by the looks of all the work that George has done the 'wizard of wood' torch has been passed. Best of luck to both of you.
The Prince of Propane
(formerly known as: wizard of wood)