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Monday, September 13, 2010

Season has ended

The season has now ended, or so it seems.  Yesterday was the first day since the middle of June that we had no boats.  We even had supper at the house!  We had a very busy and exciting summer, exceeding last years by quite abit.  It was more than we expected.  We made over 300 pizzas and just as many fish and chips and burgers. 

We enjoyed each and every boat that came to our dock.  Christine and Logan left on Aug 26 and George and I had to fend for ourselves, which we did quite nicely.  A routine had been set up which made everything so much more easy.

Crabs were being caught with gusto as Christine and Logan showed.  We saw a Grizzly at the end of August on our beach between the Doug and us.  Doug called us to warn us of his coming.  Of course we chased him back towards Doug's.  Colyn, Connie and I then went and picked plums as Dougs, so the bear is gone now.

Had a cougar in the yard the other night.  I was by myself as George was in Campbell River getting the Tawun home. (the engines were fixed).  I have never heard such a strange noise before and do not want to hear it again.  I scared the cougar away, but he left slowly.  I believe he was either hurt or sick as he was not moving very fast.  It is gone now and we have not heard it at all.  However, we will not be going up the logging road any time soon as that is the direction it went.

Have seen a big black bear at the head of the estuary, which means that there are no more grizzlies in the area.  The bears have not been around all summer.

Berries are all picked, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini are in abundance.  Time for canning!  All the jam sold this summer, so time to make more for next year.  The garden is late this year, because of the dry summer and cold spring.  Now everything is growing like mad as we have had quite a bit of rain lately.  Where was that when we needed it?!

Fall is soon upon us and time to get ready for winter.  Wood needs to be gathered, things need to be put away and the barge needs to be shut down.  We will still be open for business however, and can do pizzas at the house and deliver to the customer.

Thank you each and every boat that graced our dock this year.  We thoroughly enjoyed having you and hope to see you again next year. 

Now, to go see that granddaughter of ours!!

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Serenity in a Snowstorm said...

Signe wants to see her Grandma and Grandpa Cambridge too!