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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seattle Boat Show and other stuff

We went to the Seattle Boat Show on Saturday Jan 22.  Pierre from Echo Bay said that we could give him some brochures to hand out.  It was a nice day.  It has been several years since we attended a boat show anywhere, so we really enjoyed ourselves. 

 We walked around Pike's Place and George had a coffee at the Starbucks there.  It was something that we just had to do. 

George was under strict instructions from Melissa to have a coffee from there, especially since we drink Pike's Place.  She used to be a shift supervisor at a Starbucks in Calgary.  Darren worked at one as well.

We also went to the Seattle Outlet Stores, which we were told about.  It was interesting but not what we expected.  The last time we were in Seattle was 35 years ago during our honeymoon.  We enjoyed our time there and the drive to Seattle and back.

George has been busy getting firewood and working on the addition upstairs on the barge.  We were going to move it today, but the wind came up so was not able to.  Doug is doing well, and comes for coffee at the barge with George quite often.

George will be leaving tomorrow for his check-up in Alberta.  He will be bringing Christine and a friend back with him.  It will be reading week, so she can spend some time here.  I will be taking her back at the end of the month, and then I have to pack up my mother's apartment, as she has gone into the nursing home.  She will be 90 in a month.

Christine is doing well in university and looking forward to being here for reading week.  Melissa, Darren and Signe are enjoying Grande Prairie.  Darren will be doing his practicum there.  Melissa has started a dayhome.  Signe is growing and likes having children to play with.  We are able to talk to them all through Skype which is wonderful.  It makes it so much nicer being able to see everyone and we do not feel quite to far away.

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