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Friday, May 20, 2011

A busy April and first two weeks of May

In April we had over 10 boats which is something we definitely did not expect.  George was busy getting the addition of the kitchen done.  Brother-in-law Terry arrived on May 9 just in time to help George as I had to return to Alberta for family matters.

Terry and George finished the addition and we will be open for suppers in the next couple of weeks.  We hope to be completely set up by June 1!

We have had quite a few boats already in May, with most heading to Alaska.  The weather has really not cooperated, with wind and rain still.  We are all longing for SPRING!! and some sun!  Yesterday, the lawn was mowed.  It was turning into a jungle with all the rain. 

We had a visitor on Tuesday night.  A big black bear walked into the yard.  We scared it away with the air horn but it decided to return twice on Wednesday.  Of course George and Terry we on their way back to Alberta.  Between Bear (the dog) and I we were able to chase it away in the morning but it returned later that afternoon.  I had not gone out of the house so did not realize that Mr. Bear was eating the tall grass by the garden.  When I went to start the generator at 4:00 there he was in the garden.  I think I scared him more than he scared me as by the time I got the horn (5 seconds) he was gone and has not been back since.

Yesterday a neighbor at the red roof (Little Mist Island) noticed a Grizzly sow with two cubs on the neighboring shore.  I sure hope she decides to move on, as grizzlies usually do.  The islands here are too small for them.  The deer are also back and I hope they decide to leave the lilys alone!  they ate them all last year.  It is nice to see them as we had not seen them since last fall and were afraid that the cougar or wolves got them.

We have two boats tonight and is a good start to the long weekend. The weather is supposed to good, so maybe some of the garden can be planted.

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