Tucked in behind Range Island at the head of the bay of Port Harvey, BC. Year round moorage, other amenities are seasonal

Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy times

Almost full docks
July was slow to start with but the last three weeks have been busy!  We have been enjoying all the returning boats and all the new ones.  Melissa and Signehadbeen here since the 15th and left on Tuesday.  We have enjoyed their visit and Signe has been a hit on the docks and in the restaurant giving a performance during Charlie's singing.

Kenmore Air picking up a passenger

The weather has smartened up, with the sun starting to shine and warmth starting.  With all the rain we have had and the cool weather a jungle has developed in the yard.  Mowing is difficult with it being so wet but at least everything is green! 

July 17, Charlie singing one last time

Captain Charlie came back on the 17th and gave us our last performance.  We have sold over 50 CD's and have requested more.  It is a wonderful promotion for the Broughtons and we are happy to be apart of it.

Fog above the Strait

It has been cloudy most mornings and we have had very few sunny days.  The temperture is warm however and the wind stays away for the most part.

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