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Friday, September 2, 2011

Season is winding down

It has been a busy couple of weeks, with quite a few boats and many meals.  The weather had smartened up and we finally had some summer!  The season is winding down now and Christine will be heading back to Alberta tomorrow via a road trip with mom.  George will be a grass widower for a week until I return.  We do not anticipate that he will be overly busy.

The grass has taken off again, and just as I was about to mow, the tractor died.  It has no umph so grass mowing until it is fixed.  Hopefully George will get to it.  The big generator at the house quit last week and George had to make a flying trip to Campbell River to pick up another smaller one.  The brushes and holders are on order for the big one.  The new one under the trees is being worked on and there are a few issues with it but it will be going by next year.  Hopefully we can have power on the docks then.  The cost for the cable is more than what the generator is worth.  It is $25.00 per foot for the cable so it will be a large expense.

Hopefully next year we can also obtain a dishwasher as I am very, very tired of doing dishes.  It will save on water as well as it will use quite abit less.  George figures we have served over 1000 meals this year already.  That is alot of dishes!!

We have received many red shoes and quite afew people have worn red shoes.  It is becoming quite popular and the pub his very red!!  Also received quite afew burgies again this year.

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