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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rain, rain and more rain

It seems that the summer we had briefly is long gone and the continuous winter is here to stay.  George was gone for three weeks, he had is quarterly check up and all is well.  He was working in our TruHardware store in Red Earth and even went to the annual market in Winnipeg.  He had not been at the market for 5 years so noticed quite a few changes.

The new day pass we charged this year was received well by some and not so well by others.  The pass allows anchored boats to have the same privileges as those that stay at the dock.  A few other marinas  charge a day pass and have had the same mixed reaction.  We are sorry that some people feel the way they do, but the day pass will stay for now. 

Some canning was done while George was gone with 5 dozen blackberry jam, 2 dozen plum jam and few jars of relish.  Zucchini was not producing this year.  Carrots were prolific so almost 2 dozen jars were canned.  All canning is done with a pressure canner and with the proper procedures.  Tomatoes are now ripening slowly and a few jars of sauce were done.

We will see what the weather brings, but so far rain is always in the forecast.  George is working on getting power on the docks and lights in the store.  The house needs work this year and pressure washing is in progress.  What a difference it makes.

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