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Monday, January 23, 2012

January 2012

Look at all that snow!
We arrived back home on January 16, 2011 to a foot of snow and -10 C.  We have never seen so much snow before since we have lived here!  Of course it took the rest of the day to warm up the house.  Thank goodness for the propane heaters, especially the new one.  It warmed up in here in no time.  The snow and cold remained for a couple of days.  Our water was froze but thanks to being prepared we had the water jugs full so we could at least drink and cook.  Sea water was used for a couple of days to flush the toilets.  George was able to get the water running two days later and we filled up the big jacuzzi tub in our bathroom (the only thing this tub is good for).
Winter Wonderland

We both had showers, and the water froze again.  George got it going again on Friday, with the filter housing cracked and now changed.  One does not know how much water is appreciated until you have to melt snow and use sea water.

A short life is in store for him!
The weather started warming up on Thursday, so I went out and built a snowman.  Poor thing had a good short life as it almost gone now.

We were quite surprised to see that the grass is green, the snow drops are sprouting green tops and the daffodils are starting to come up.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Alberta.  George worked at our Tru Hardware Store in Red Earth Creek and commuted back and forth from Peace River and I was able to spend quality time with Signe in Grande Prairie.  We enjoyed our Christmas with family in Peace River.  Mother Mary is well and is looking forward to coming in June for a visit.  Her trip last year was cancelled unexpectedly.  We do not miss the -30C temperature with wind chill.  This was the temperature on January 14 and 15 when we left.

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