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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Red Shoe "Hore"shoe tournament and Canada Day

July 1, 2012
Even Bud joined in

In Play

Having fun

Now which one is closer??

How to judge this one, hmmm

Who'd da thunk?? Lucky throw
Must measure to be sure!

Winners Jane and Paul

Winners with our tournament organizers, Colyn and Connie
 Canada Day was a big success as we supplied chili and dogs for moorage customers and neighbors.  To fill the lull between supper and fireworks we held the The Red Shoe First Annual "Whore"shoe Tournament.  It was a huge success.  Horseshoe stakes were put on the wide dock and participants threw either red or black high heels instead of horseshoes, hence the "whore"shoe.  Round robin was played with the winners being Jane and Paul from "Pacesetter" receiving "Port Harvey Marine Resort" bath robes. 
Winners Paul and Jane of "Pacesetter"
The Red Shoe First Annual "Whore"shoe Tournament
 It was a good win as they had had trouble with the steering on their boat so had a couple of extra days at the dock.  They have since made it to their destination.

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