Tucked in behind Range Island at the head of the bay of Port Harvey, BC. Year round moorage, other amenities are seasonal

Saturday, May 23, 2015

And so it begins!

George has been a very busy pirate these past few weeks. In this picture you cannot see the very long hair that he has now.  The First Wagonner Flotilla came in yesterday and George was busy making 8 pizzas and cini buns for the morning.  First of the season for Cini Buns!  He had made a couple of pizzas a few days prior for eating on the boat.

The Red Shoe was opened for the flotilla.  Pizzas only at the moment.  George has hired a young gentleman to help him this season and he is bringing his own accommodation!  I will hopefully be back in June sometime if our plans for our hardware store work out.  We have a couple of people in mind to help run the store for the summer so I can go home.  Yay!  8 months is too long to be away from home.

George has been busy fixing things up and I think you will be surprised when you come around the corner of Range Island.
Our 70 year old barge has been given a much needed face lift!

First Cini Buns of 2015
First Wagonner Flotilla

First supply plane of 2015

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