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Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 20 - May 01, 2010

It has been a slow haul trying to get everything done. The weather does not want to cooperate at all. When it is nice, we work to catch up.

The laundry area is almost done, pressure washing the dock to get the slime off is tedious and time consuming, but the gift shop is almost done, just a few more shelves. Product has arrived and I am impressed. Jenny from Chatham Channel brought her items this morning between sun showers. Everything looks good!!

George had his three month check up and returned on Wednesday. Everything is fine and he has graduated to a six month check up now. I was hoping to get alot done while he was gone, but again Mr. Weatherman did not cooperate. I was able however to get caught up on the books.

George brought lots of goodies back with him. Our washer and dryer are now ready to install, just have to get the coin slots and boxes, which unfortunately were not included. When ordered, I assumed it was included because it did not say that it wasn't. Never assume!! lol.
Melissa and baby will be here next week and we are very excited and are counting the sleeps. 4 MORE!! Mother Mary will be here in June for a visit. It was a very nice surprise when we received her e-mail stating she booked a ticket.

She has never been here in June and I hope she will be surprised at the hummingbirds.
They are hungry, hungry little creatures. They are a real joy to observe. Hopefully we can put a feeder at the store this year.

Two deer wandered through the yard a couple of weeks ago. It was nice to see and yesterday we saw our first black bear across the estuary. We were starting to wonder where they were as we usually see them by now.

The sun is shining through the windows and the wind has stopped. Hopefully it stays that way, I mean really this is May 1!! time for some heat!!

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