Tucked in behind Range Island at the head of the bay of Port Harvey, BC. Year round moorage, other amenities are seasonal

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Visit from the Prairie- By Melissa

On May 5 Signe and I flew in from the prairies to see Grandma and Grandpa Cambridge. Grandpa picked us up at Yves River in his boat and drove us across.

Signe and I helped Gail with the gift store. I could have bought so many things! Is it too early to think about Christmas gifts?

There are wonderful pieces by local artisans as well as from my Aunt Debe. The beautiful bags are hers.

We brought in some Rocky Mountain Soap- they are based in Canmore Alberta and are 100% natural. Signe loves the soap!
There are many great books- even for children.
We worked on making sure the dock was shipshape for new arrivals, including new signs.
Inside and out.

The west coast is a different color of green, and the flowers are beautiful.

We saw a bear across the estuary

and our bear on the deck.

There are herds of hummingbirds.

Everything was just beautiful and we were so glad to visit Port Harvey again!

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